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Zoom Trim Classes

Interested in learning how to create custom trims to perfectly match your fabric? I’m offering several classes via Zoom in which we’ll explore various ways of creating trim. I developed these techniques after becoming frustrated with trims available in shops. Much of what I found was too thick, stiff and not the right colors to look like couture quality.

The classes offered on March 21 and April 11 will demo basic crochet stitches and we will create at least 6 different trims using a variety of techniques. Although I will go through all the stitches needed, you will enjoy the class more if you have a working knowledge and some practice with crochet.

Kits with crochet hooks are available if you wish to use the same materials I’ll be working with. Kits WITHOUT hooks are also available if you have hooks in sizes C, D, E and F. Purchase of a kit is not mandatory. You can source your own materials and use them along with the class. Classes are recorded and you will have one week to download the recording which you can then watch as often as you like.

I’m also offering a couture trim class on May 2. This class will focus on more complex trims using better quality fabrics and yarns. The trim kit for this class includes fabric from Mendel Goldberg and Linton Tweed plus many yarns sourced from Europe. Link for the trim kit WITHOUT hooks for those who have crochet hooks in sizes C, D E and F. You will enjoy this class if you are familiar with crochet and are comfortable working with trickier (slippery, multiple strands, metallic) yarns. You can also source your own fabrics/yarns and use this class as inspiration for creating your own versions.

Several of the trims utilize a set of brass tubes I’ve developed to facilitate trim making. I’ll demonstrate their use during class. Not all trims require their use. If you have a set, have them handy as they do make many aspects of trim easier.

I recently returned from a trip to London and was able to take photos of new Chanel trims in the Chanel shop (largest in the world) there. I’ll be showing images of trims I saw and we’ll explore how to recreate these designs for your fabrics.

Class dates are linked to registration. You may also browse the class offerings in the shop. Thanks for reading and hope to see you in class.

15 thoughts on “Zoom Trim Classes”

  1. I’m interested in the custom couture class on April 4. I’m wondering if the other trim class offer the same / similar work. Trying to decide if I want both or if the April 4 will offer enough to go on?? Thank you. Excited to see this class offered.

    1. The couture class will use “trickier-to-work-with” yarns: metallics, multiple strands. The trims will also be more complex. You should have experience with crochet to get the most from this class. The other class will demo basic stitches, use easier-to-work-with-yarns, and use less complicated techniques.

  2. Wonderful as always. I love Linton fabrics and plan to order from them. I assume you order these fabrics online. Do you find the actual fabric close to what you imaged it would be from looking at the online photos and description?

    1. I’ve found the photos from Linton very good. You can zoom in to get a better look at the weave. Their shipping is fast and reasonable. Have fun choosing.

  3. Dear Mary, I’ve signed up, but will have to download the recording later due to time differences. Looking forward to it though. I got told off in a Chanel shop for taking photos!!

    1. Thanks for signing up. Exactly the reason I record the class. You can save it and watch/rewatch whenever you like. If you have a question that’s not answered, please email me. I take the photos quietly and no one has ever objected. I’ll also take a few jackets into the fitting room and do closeup photos there.

    1. Yes. I record the class and email everyone a link. You can download to your computer and watch/rewatch whenever you like. The recording is a great tool to review the information.

      1. Sorry I missed the class. Looking forward to watching the recording. Invoice UJ1PTX50U

    1. I’ll be doing more trim classes. I record the class and make the recording available to those who participated. Thanks. Will be posting additional classes soon

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