Dressform or Sloper Workshop

Three day workshop in which you can concentrate on drafting a personal moulage, or skin tight duplicate of your shape. You will use the moulage to either pad and cover a dressform to replicate your body or draft a set of basic sloper patterns unique to your shape.

The workshop will be held November 15,16 and 17, 2021 and January 10,11 and 12 2022 at the DoubleTree Hotel, Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

For more information click here for the November class: Dressform or Sloper Workshop, November 15,16,17, 2021 – Cloning Couture (cloning-couture.com)

Link to the January class: Dressform or Sloper Workshop, January 10,11,12 2022 – Cloning Couture (cloning-couture.com)