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Visiting Linton Mills and Meeting Kate from Fabrickated

I’m sure many sewers have heard of Linton Direct, the fabric mill in Carlisle, England, where many Chanel fabrics are woven. It is one of the few remaining sources of artisan quality fabric. Many fabric mills have relocated to Asia and this was a rare opportunity to see where the fabric is actually made.

My husband knows very well my passion for sewing and Chanel (I’ve dragged him to Chanel in Paris a few times) so when I mentioned Carlisle was ONLY a 4 hour train ride from London, he replied with “Why don’t we go!” How many men would allow themselves to be dragged across the pond, catch the morning flight to Edinburgh, rent a car and drive (on the wrong side of the road) 2 and 1/2 hours to Carlisle?

I had emailed Jenny at Linton and was dismayed to learn that the town had been horribly flooded in December. Cumbria in the English Lake District, had torrential rains and the River Eden had overflowed. Many shops were damaged, including the Linton retail shop. The actual fabric mill had been spared. Jenny and her staff had set up a temporary facility across the street and I was welcome to visit. They are presently repairing the damage and hope to have the retail and coffee shop open in early March.

Shop manager Jenny Bell and Tracey were amazing. Even though they were working under less than ideal conditions, the all fabrics were displayed and they helped me select several fabulous pieces. (I’m a little ragged after 24 hours of travel). Tracey left, me center, Jenny right.


My acquisitions. We all know about the ever growing fabric stash! Hubby was very happy they were being shipped home and not taking space in the luggage


Inspecting yardage on the light table. Every inch of fabric is examined for flaws and any found are corrected. Notice the heater and down vest. They certainly pushed on through not optimal circumstances.


When my fabrics arrived home Jenny had included a massive stack of swatches for future purchases.

The next day we headed north on a long, circuitous route to Selkirk and Stirling, Scotland where I had more trips to fabric mills and tartan shopping planned. More on that journey in the next post.

Our trip ended in London where I met Kate of Fabrickated. We had arranged to meet Kate and her husband Nick at the British Museum. Have you ever dragged your husband to meet another sewing blogger and her husband? Kate and Nick were fabulous. After tea in the members lounge we toured the exhibits. The men were so engrossed in conversation we almost lost them several times in the museum. We were invited back to their flat for some wine where I saw first hand Kate’s sewing space (it was much neater than mine!) and then treated to dinner at a neighborhood restaurant. I certainly hope we can meet again. Kate, please feel free to share the photo of us at the Rosetta Stone.

14 thoughts on “Visiting Linton Mills and Meeting Kate from Fabrickated”

  1. WOW! This is a fabulous story. What a great life partner you have, as does he. Such spectacular eye-candy and an experience you will cherish for life. BTW, IMHO, you are very deserving of this splurge and will make the most of your stash as the memories will be recreated as each piece is sewn into wearable art.

    1. Thank you. My hubby is a true gem. I promised to use all the fabric before buying any more. I’m looking forward to creating memorable French style jackets.

  2. Oh, such fabric and swatches are the stuff of dreams. My husband, too, is always game for a fabric adventure. It’s wonderful, isn’t it?
    Looking forward to seeing what tartans you found.

  3. What a wonderful trip you had – or maybe I should say what a perfect trip…. I so enjoy the opportunities for virtual friends to become live friends! Your fabrics are gorgeous, Mary and I’m look forward to following your sewing adventures with these gems.

    1. Yes it was a perfect trip and sewing buddies are wonderful people. It was such a treat to meet Kate and Nick. I hope to someday cross paths with you also. I’m busy planning the projects now.

  4. Glad you enjoyed your trip! I live about 90 minutes south of Linton and the whole swathes of towns have been destroyed by flooding. It’s been a hard winter. Linton is amazing and the ladies are lovely. Can’t wait to see what you make with those wonderful purchases.

    1. The ladies at Linton were indeed lovely and couldn’t have been more helpful. It was distressing to hear about the destruction but the crews were hard at work renovating the flooded shops. It’s exciting to decide what to do with these beautiful fabrics.

  5. It will such a joy to meet the Funts! What a delight. You were the perfect guest and we would love to see you again.
    I felt embarrassed that I had never been to the Linton shop, despite it being so close (relatively speaking). Will have to do it someday soon. I am sure they will remember you there!

    1. Thank you for a very enjoyable day. Hopefully we’ll be in London again soon. Carlisle isn’t around the corner from London but worth a trip.

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