The Tunic Goes Couture

The Tunic Bible has been published!


Welcome to day 2 of the blog tour. I met Sarah online through her Ready-To-Wear Fast project. I’m thrilled to present my interpretations of the tunic. At the completion of the blog tour, each of the sites will host a book give-away. In order to be entered please leave a comment before midnight October 9 and you will be entered in the drawing. The winner will be announced at the end of the tour.

The first version used a mid-weight linen and was lined/underlined with lightweight cotton/silk voile. My construction order differs slightly from the one in the book. I completed the front facing first; then stitched darts in each layer; finally joined the face fabric and lining to be handled as a single layer.


I also added extensions at the sides to provide support for the heavy trim. Hems were mitered and all seams bound with bias binding made from the lining fabric. The excess beads were removed from the ends before turning the edges under. The edges looked a little unfinished, so I cut an additional piece of trim, folded it to form a narrow edge, and stitch in place.



The next version was constructed from a saree I had worn to a wedding. I couldn’t see myself wearing it again but the fabric was a beautifully embroidered silk with an interesting decorative border.


I arranged the border as the placket and used a narrow band of trim around the placket and collar. The lining/underling was handled the same way with darts sewn first and then the two layers of fabric handled as a single layer. The seams were bound with bias strips of the lining. Loads of hand sewing, but this is the world of couture!


Here’s the schedule for the tour: Enjoy!

The Tunic Bible Blog Tour Schedule



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118 responses to “The Tunic Goes Couture

  1. May I be the first to say these are two of these most gorgeous tunics I’ve ever seen? !!
    The tunic goes couture is completely inspirational and brings a wonderful dimension to our book! Thank you, Mary 🙂


    • Thank you Sarah. The tunic is perfect for so much variation and experimenting with embellishments of all sorts. I’m looking forward to seeing what other bloggers come up with.


  2. Carolyn Orth

    Beautiful tunics, thanks for posting!


  3. Gorgeous – I have some sari silk that would work well with that idea too!!! Must find it! 🙂


  4. First time I have commented on your blog: these are stunning! Beautiful work.


  5. Mary, you have really taken tunics to a whole new level! I am completely blown away!! Both are gorgeous, but the one you made from the sari is absolutely stunning. This is really inspirational! Thank you!!


  6. Tonya

    Your tunics are beautiful! The name you choose for your blog seems very appropriate.


  7. Jeanne Crockett

    Gorgeous! Both of them—I’d been on the fence about the book, but now I’ll probably get it.


  8. Amelie Mazet

    I really love the way you finish your garments; you pay attention to details and you go the extra mile to make them look high end and, well, haute-coutured! Very smart and chic choice of fabric and trims, love love love!


  9. Linda Gagliano

    Beautiful designs. I’ve just begun learning garment sewing and have jumped right in. I work in an elementary school and want to make a bunch of fun tunics to wear. I’m really looking forward to this book.


  10. Those tunics are gorgeous! I am completely inspired!


  11. I love the trim on your tunic!! I’m excited to be introduced to your blog!! Thanks for the chance to win a copy!


  12. Linda

    Beautiful!!!! Really well thought out too!


  13. Brenda E.

    Just beautiful work!!


  14. Margaret

    Beautiful tunics — inspiring me to want to make one!!


  15. Colleen

    Hi! I just found your blog through this book tour, and I’m going to follow it. I am sort of new to sewing, but I am interested in learning about couture sewing. The idea of slow-sewing high-quality garments is pretty intriguing. I knew this book was coming out and I sort of dismissed it out of hand, but seeing the different interpretations of this basic pattern is making me reconsider my original position. I really liked seeing how you created fancy tunics.


  16. These tunics are gorgeous. I hadn’t thought of a tunic as being a couture garment but you have shown me how wrong I was. As you replied to an earlier message, it seems you can make them as simple or as couture as you want to, if you are capable. I love your work (and Sarah’s and Julie’s too) but I am a very different shape. I wonder if a tunic shape would suit me


  17. The nice thing about a tunic, other than covering up all the bits of the body we don’t like, is the fact that it lends itself to creative versions. Your trims are very interesting and handled so well. Tossing in lots of hand sewing and linings really makes the difference from everyday clothes to heirloom.


  18. Kati

    Wow! Your tunics are beautiful! I will definitely be using your techniques to create some high quality garments in the future. Thank you as always for the detailed pictures! I have so much to learn!


  19. Beautiful Tunics! What an inspiration. I love the sari!


  20. Carol

    Stunning tunics!! I especially love the black with that gorgeous trim! I have not made a tunic in years but am quickly becoming inspired!


  21. Carol

    Absolutely beautiful!


  22. Carol

    Stunning tunics! I especially like the black with that gorgeous trim! Makes me want to sew!!


  23. Deon

    The sari fabric and how you used it is fantastic.


  24. Robin

    Wow. These are spectacular tunics. They really tap into the traditional zeitgeist. I too have some sari fabric that I will be making into one or two tunics – or more, ha, ha (as you know, they include several meters of fabric, so there is a lot to go around!). I like seeing how you use the decorative portions. Nice to find your blog too.


  25. Debby

    The examples gave me so many ideas for variations, which is probably the point of the book. Very inspiring.


  26. ldpaulson

    New to your blog and looking forward to seeing and reading about the other projects you’ve been working on. These are stunning garments. — ldp


  27. ldpaulson

    I think my original comment was eaten! Thank you for this inspiration! New to the site and can’t wait to see what else you’ve been working on and creating. — ldp


  28. Linda K Anderson

    Wow – I’m so impressed with how you sewed the tunic from a saree. It’s very inspirational! Both garments turned out beautifully-


  29. Beautiful work!! I can’t wait to try my own!


  30. Absolutely love your choices and your construction techniques!


  31. Marianne

    Your couture tunic is gorgeous! So inspirational!


  32. I love the trim details on both your tunics. They are gorgeous.


  33. Lovely tunics both of them, but I especially like the sari version.


  34. Adecia Walker

    Beautiful! I am really enjoying seeing so many different interpretations of Sarah and Julie’s tunic pattern. Looking forward to the arrival of my copy of The Tunic Bible.


  35. amy mayer

    I LOVE your version of the tunics–can’t decide which one I like better! Great tailoring!


  36. I’ve not thought of doing this for myself but the black refashion is so sophisticated and inspiring… But both are very lovely and most wearable,


  37. Bernice

    I’m a new follower of your blog. Wow, so pleased to find it. These tunics are gorgeous. I’m rethinking tunics now, as I had not previously considered that style of garment. Thanks for the inspiration and I hope you enjoy wearing them.


  38. Jean O'Reilly

    Love the black tunic. It looks like it is just fun to wear!


  39. Sylvia

    These at both just beautiful tunics! They are honestly the prettiest I’ve seen. You’ve convinced me! Thanks. 🙂


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  41. niqueknackss

    Thanks for the opportunity


  42. Andrea Birkan

    Only one word for you tunics! Stunning! Your work is outstanding! Love your blog!


  43. What beautiful tunics! I especially love your use of the sari. I am looking to make a dress out of one myself and you’ve just provided the perfect inspiration. Now all I need is the pattern!


  44. Amy Jamieson

    Beautiful! What a perfect way to showcase both fabulous trims and fabrics.


  45. Maria

    Waiting for my book- this would be a wonderful win!


  46. Donna G.

    These are fabulous!


  47. Your tunics are stunning! I am so excited for this book release!


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