Finalist in the Threads Fancy Fabrics Challenge

My entry was selected as a finalist in the Threads Magazine Fancy Fabrics Challenge. Please visit and vote. The garment I entered was a modification of an Alexander McQueen top.

2013-12-21 22.00.38 - Copy

Back view. Notice the lace pattern is a mirror image on the right and left sides. This was a design element in many of Mcqueen’s designs.
2013-12-21 22.03.02 - Copy
The lace was backed with silk tulle and additional embellishment of crystals on the lace were added.
2013-12-21 22.01.59 - Copy2013-12-21 22.01.45 - Copy2013-12-21 22.01.22 - Copy
The garment as designed. I modified the neckline to be more wearable.
2013-12-11 08.27.40-1 - Copy


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8 responses to “Finalist in the Threads Fancy Fabrics Challenge

  1. I absolutely love this blouse.

    I’m off to give you a vote!


  2. Stephanie

    I voted for you. This top is gorgeous and shows off some serious sewing skills. You should have won. The winning dress is very nice, but this top required more skills.


    • Thanks for the vote and recognizing the work that went into this. Factors other than design and sewing skills may have been considered when people voted. I hope you follow me and enjoy the projects I post.


  3. Fabulous reinterpretation! I recognized the inspiration immediately. Just my cup of tea 🙂


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