The Boucle Bomber

Here’s an idea for using short lengths of boucle fabric. Often I’ll have a short length of boucle fabric left over (about 5/8 to 3/4 yard) from a project. It’s too nice to discard yet not enough for another garment. Why not combine the boucle and a complimentary fabric to create this casual jacket.

Here I’ve used a length of black/metallic gold boucle for the jacket body and paired it with a scrap of black cashmere. Hundreds of tiny heat set crystals were scattered on the sleeves (prior to construction) and fused in place. Chunky ribbing finishes the bottom band, collar and cuffs. For a little added bling, I chose to embellish the cuffs with more crystals, this time stitching them in place.

Construction of this style jacket with additional variations is offered as an alternative to the classic French jacket class. We’ll use Vogue 1877 or similar style pattern as a starting point.

Embellishment ideas include the option to add heat set/ sew-on crystals. Kits containing stones and transfer paper are supplied in class.

As an alternative to crystals, here’s an idea from a recent runway show using scraps of various boucles cut into appliqué shapes. A video explaining the creation of these embellishments shows boucle flowers being flattened by a heat press.

Leather, suede or man-made versions of either are another option for contrast sleeves. Chunky ribbing will be supplied and is available in: black, dark grey, light grey, dark brown, olive green, navy, beige, ivory and white. Custom made zippers can be ordered from Botani Trims or Pacific Trim in NYC. Both offer options to choose zipper tooth size, zipper tooth color as well as zipper tape color and style of pull.

Link: https://cloning-couture.com/products/boucle-bomber-jacket-class to register for the class. Two sessions: October 30-November 3, 2023 and January 8-12, 2024

8 thoughts on “The Boucle Bomber”

  1. Ingenuous idea to use up couture fabrics into another couture garment.  Would you please post the link to the photo of garment with boucle flowers?

  2. So stunning to see a standard bomber jacket pattern being elevated to such a high degree! WOW! Love all the bling on the cuffs too! That lining is so beautiful, it could be worn on the outside!

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