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Additional Custom Trim Class

Thank you to all those who registered. The March 1 class sold out within the first day so I’m offering the same class one week later. You can sign up for the March 8 class here. Same time: 5-7:30 PM EST.

UPDATE: The link wasn’t working but it should be fixed. Class half-filled so it did work for some. You can also navigate to the class by going to “Shop” on main page, open Catalog and go to class. Thanks all who alerted me to the problem.

For my readers in Australia: Australia is only accepting Global Express Mail which is more expensive than the Global Priority offered in the shipping options. I’ve sent an email to those interested to see if we can find one person/shipping address. I will send a bulk order which that person can then distribute within Australia. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll put everyone in touch with each other.

I’m thrilled that so many of my readers are interested in exploring custom trims. See you soon.

19 thoughts on “Additional Custom Trim Class”

  1. The sign-up links don’t work. Or maybe they’re sold out again? I searched for a class yesterday, but it was not listed.

  2. Now the problem is fixed, but the course is allready sold out. As I anyway could not have been able to attend the live workshop, is there a possibility to book the workshop only for watching the course video

  3. I am also a day late and a dollar short. I won’t hesitate the next time this trim class or any other of Mary Funt’s classes are offered.

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